Friday, October 29, 2010


Caught on Tape <<>> Election

I’m Confused….. Might be because I’ve been struggling after a major surgery that I had 25 days ago, but I don’t think so. What the hell is going on with these Conservative/Republican/Teabagger candidates? I cannot believe the crap I am seeing and reading.

Now, I haven’t been totally enamored with President Obama’s methods of getting legislation through, but what the hell do I know? I’m in no way a politician and have only been a real “student” since around January, 2007 when I became too damned ill to do anything physical and decided that my time in my bed with the laptop could be spent by learning all I could about how America’s political “machine” worked. Wow! What an eye-opener I got. You’re never too old to learn. At 48 years old, I was still a total infant when it came to politics. Up to that point, all I did was learn about the people that were running for offices that I would be voting for and not really pay attention to what was going on in the country-at-large. I kind of understand why the more progressive and liberal wing of the Democratic Party is a little miffed that President Obama “caved” too much to Republican wishes too soon so that when whatever legislation got passed, it was watered down. I DO understand President Obama wanting to work “across the aisle”. BUT, even though the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s had lied and said they would vote yes on legislation when they got their wishes and then voted NO on everything, there have been a lot of good things passed in these last 20 months and there will be more forthcoming IF the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s don’t get control of the House and/or Senate. I’m terrified that the liberals, progressive base, and independents won’t get their asses out and vote because things haven’t gone their way or things haven’t gone fast enough for them. If they don’t get out and vote and all the candidates elected are Conservative/Republican/Teabaggers, then everything that has gone their way in the last 20 months will be repealed and, at least according to their own rhetoric, the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s agenda will put us back into the stone age.

The Conservative/Republican/Teabagger Agenda calls for repealing all the Healthcare reforms, Financial reforms, to privatize or get rid of Social Security and Medicare (Hey Grandma, you’re screwed because you’ll not be able to be in assisted living or a nursing home and won’t be able to see a doctor unless you can hobble to a free clinic IF there is one of those nearby), get rid of public education (let’s only allow the rich to be educated and let them enslave us working-class folk again), let the Banks lend at loan-shark rates again, etc. Mitch McConnell is on tape saying that the most important thing that the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s are going to do is make Obama a one term president. Some are even taking about shutting down the government again. Geeze. That means no school, no Social Security checks, no Medicare so don’t get sick while the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s are stalling government services. Hope your house doesn’t start on fire or you don’t get raped or mugged because there will be no cops or fireman around… You get the idea.

Also, racism is blatantly running rampant. There are plenty of Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s saying how we’ve lost our country because we have a black president who is prejudiced against white people. How stupid is that? He had a white mother and was raised by her and her white parents? That particular Conservative/Republican/Teabagger argument doesn’t seem very logical to me.

Then we get ads from the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s telling Latino’s not to vote because the Democrats didn’t get immigration reforms passed. They are afraid that the minority population will vote for Democrats because the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s are against the “minority” peoples of this country, so they are telling them to stay home so that the whites, who are the majority of the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s supporters, will elected these idiot Conservative/Republican/Teabaggers.

And what the hell is going on with all these idiots hitting and stomping women in the head and taking down old men? Or spitting on black Congressman and calling them niggers? These Conservative/Republican/Teabagger are really classy folks. So far, after a lot of searching, I can’t find any liberal “thug” like actions, only Conservative/Republican/Teabaggers doing the beatings and liberals being targeted. There might be some liberals out there doing the same thing, but after 5 days, I can’t find any news reports about anything like that from any Conservative/Republican/Teabagger media or liberal media sources.

This shit is totally out of control. Anarchy is not part of our American political system as far as I know. Peaceful protests are permitted as far as I know. Apparently, Conservative/Republican/Teabagger’s are choosing violence and scare tactics as their way of intimidating anyone who isn’t “one of them”. There is too much shit happening that I can’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Well, all I can say is get out and vote. Remember what the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger agenda is. It’s your choice.

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