Thursday, February 18, 2010

State of the Union (IMHO)

Cell Phones << >> Decision Time

I’m so sick of stupidity and lies. No one is excluded: Politicians, political pundits, and the general population (yes, that means us!). I’ve not been as active in politics as I should have been through the years, but I have been paying close attention since 2000. I figured it was time to find out how things are run. After 10 years, I am totally disgusted by the politicization of the Supreme Court, the outright lies that are coming out of our elected officials’ mouths (at LEAST all of the lies that can be backed up by witnesses, emails, video, etc), the bullshit that the “talking heads” are spewing, but worst of all, the lack of interest in political issues by the general public. The GENERAL PUBLIC are the ones who put these liars, cheaters, and thieves in charge of running this country. That means YOU and ME put them there with our blessing!

The last administration broke uncountable laws and no one is going to be held responsible for it. Man, if I tortured anyone, my ass would be fried. If I illegally wire-tapped someone, my ass would be fried. If I lied to Congress, my ass would be fried. There is so much that has gone on that we don’t even know about because its “top secret” and the GENERAL PUBLIC doesn’t care! That’s us common, ordinary American citizens! We seem more interested in the fucking Super Bowl commercials or what happened on our Soaps than the Wall Street Debacle; Unemployment; National Debt; Health Care; Crazy, racist Tea-Bagger Rallies; Republican Obstructionism; Democratic Caucus Chaos; Out-right Racism because we have a black President; Radio, Television, and Internet “pundits” showing disrespect to the President and OUR country along with down-right lies and fear-mongering aimed at getting the public (us, remember?) riled up enough to get “their” people into office and/or the “other” people out. Etc., blah, yada, yada.

Well, people, you NEED to start caring about what’s going on. Our CIVIL LIBERTIES have been eroding since 9/11 by the past administration in the guise of “National Security and Terrorism” and it’s not improving much under this one. I hear a lot of people saying; “Since I’m not doing anything illegal, then I don’t care if the NSA (or whatever government entity) wants to read my email or listen to my phone calls.” Well, with a Supreme Court that rules that Corporations have the same rights as individual citizens and Google looking at joining with the NSA for so-called “internet security”, how long will it be before no matter what you say or do, someone might find it “suspect”. Hell, this BLOG may be suspect, since I appear to be criticizing the government. I say “appear” because I am really bitching about the stupidity of the citizens who don’t give a shit or care enough to educate themselves on what has happened, what is or isn’t happening right now, and what that may mean for future generations.

I’m not a “conspiracy nut” or trying to inspire fear. I’m not a crazed liberal or fanatic conservative. I’m just an American citizen who cares about the futures of our kids and grandkids. I don’t what the NSA and Google shutting down my blog. I want my guns. I want to raise my own food without the USDA’s NAIS making me microchip all my critters or Monsanto forcing me to buy their GMO seeds. I want to buy my vitamins without the FDA saying I can’t because the pills I want to take are above the government’s RDA. I can’t afford to pay ¾ of my limited savings on medical bills and insurance premiums since I am still too sick to go back and work and the money tree died a long time ago and I don’t want to have others pay for me once I go bankrupt, either, so I NEED HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW. I want regulation of ALL corporations and Government Agencies, like Health Insurance and Big Pharma monopolies, greedy Wall Street practices that the public (that’s us, again!) have to bail out while they get their billions is bonuses. I want us to stop giving government subsidies to Corporate Agriculture and Big Tobacco, etc. The list goes on and on as we, the people (lemmings), don’t pay attention and don’t fight against these people who are taking everything from us and giving nothing in return. I want my tax dollars doing something for the People, NOT the Corporations. Come on, People! Wake UP! This is no different than fighting off someone who is mugging you, except that it is the people we elect that are robbing us!

All of the information on our Supreme Court decisions and Congressional Bills and legislation are free to find out about from reputable sources:

Supreme Court , THOMAS (Library of Congress) which has federal legislative information freely available to the public.

Some TV “news”, bloggers, political “pundits”, newspapers, radio personalities and the like are NOT necessarily reputable sources of unbiased journalism. Every news outlet has the potential to bias its information and lots of the propaganda that they spew under the guise of “news” has been proven false by many other (actually reliable) sources. I never sign a petition without finding at least 3 outside sources to confirm the information given in the petition materials, even though I “trust” the groups that send them to me. I never ever believe only one source, even though I do trust some more than others. Knowledge is power. If we vote, we should be sure we “know” who or what we are voting for by educating ourselves and by NOT relying on what some “talking head” tells us to do or because of some knee-jerk reaction on one issue or another. We have to learn to THINK about the consequences of our vote and look at the “whole picture” before we go into that booth. That’s IF you have the time or inclination to bother. You know that if you don’t vote, you have no right to bitch about what’s going on. When less than ½ of the eligible voters in this country turn out for elections, it just shows how much people don’t give a shit about how they are treated by these elected officials, so why should these elected officials give a shit about what we want?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cell Phones

Cell Phones << >> State of the Union (IMHO)

Okay…New Blog.

I was raised never to talk about Money, Religion, and Politics, but I guess at age 50, I can do what I want to do now. (Plus, the people who have raised me are dead and I can’t get “grounded” any longer). I am devoting this blog to “things that make me crazy”.

This first one will be about cell phones. I am not a “Luddite”… Far from it. I LOVE new gizmos and gadgets. I took my first computer class in 1977 using FORTRAN programming and punch cards. I had a Commodore 128 with dual 5-1/2” floppy disks and color monitor and dot-matrix printer in February 1989. I bought an Atari when they first came out in 1979 and bought the Nintendo in 1986 and the first Zelda game at the same time. I’ve had a cell phone since 2000 because I needed one for a cross-country trip and thought it would be useful in case of an emergency and it was because we used it when we broke down in Death Valley. BUT….

As a society, we have totally gone overboard with cell phone use. No matter where I am, I see someone with one of these things glued to their head. Doesn’t matter if I’m driving, in a restroom, or any and all public areas and buildings, there is at least one person blathering or texting on one of these things.

First off, we all know that multi-tasking while driving is dangerous. Fine, drive your own self into a tree or ditch, but make damn sure that you don’t take someone else with you. Every time I get behind an erratic driver, I’ll yell at the idiot “PAY ATTENTION AND GET OF THE FRIGGING PHONE!” More times than not, if I dare pass them, they’ll be using their cell phone. IDIOTS! I don’t care what you do in your own world, but when you’re driving, “PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD AND TRAFFIC WHILE YOU ARE BEHIND THE WHEEL!”

Secondly, “I HAVE GREAT HEARING AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS!” I don’t want to eavesdrop on these idiots but I can’t help it. I would like to read my book and keep to myself while waiting for my doctor appointment, not listen to someone talk about anything, especially “WHO YOU PICKED UP AND SCREWED LAST NIGHT!” I get embarrassed hearing these things. I’m no prude and like sex as well as the next person, but I don’t want to hear the details of anybody else’s sex life, especially some stranger’s. I also don’t give a rat’s butt about anything else that these people feel they must broadcast to the rest of the world.

Third, have we all decided to disconnect from where we actually are? I can multi-task when I need to, but I know I’m not paying attention to what’s going on around me when I am doing more than one thing at a time. When I’m on the phone, I can’t pay attention to what the person on the other end is saying if I’m doing something else at the same time. Either that or I’m paying attention to the person on the phone and NOT paying attention to the world around me. Hell, someone could be pointing a gun at my face and I wouldn’t notice. Aside from the potential danger from not being aware of your surroundings, it seems like we are disconnecting from personal, face-to-face contact with our fellow human beings. Is it so hard to shut the phone and acknowledge that the cashier at the grocery store said “Thank You”? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had a door shut on me or my poor crushed hands because the person going though it before me was on their phone and didn’t notice me or else they didn’t care that I got hit by that door. Now, I just hang back until the door shuts instead of trying to grab it. I get a lot fewer injuries that way.

Fourth, it’s JUST PLAIN RUDE! If I’m out with someone and they are waiting for an important call I don’t mind them using their phone (I have call-waiting and only use it if I am waiting for my doctor or lawyer to call), but sitting at a restaurant twiddling my thumbs while my lunch date is texting or talking to someone else for no apparent reason makes me feel pretty bad. It makes me feel like I am not the person that my lunch partner wants to be with so why the hell do they bother being with me in the first place?

Fifth, with all these apps that show where everyone is, who is talking to whom, on-line information “back-up”, or the GPS letting anyone know where you are is kind of scary. Crap, I don’t want anyone to know where I’m at or who I’m talking to unless I specifically tell them even though I’m not doing anything illegal. HELLO! Do you remember BIG BROTHER in “1984”??? TIN-FOIL HATS ANYONE?