Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decision Time is Coming Soon to a Voting Booth Near YOU!

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Okay, People. Remember the most important date this year….
Tuesday, November 2, 2010.
If anyone who reads this has been paying attention to what has been happening in government and politics for the last 3 or 4 years (or longer), and if you get your information from all different types of sources, both conservative and progressive, that is Republican/Tea-Bagger and Democratic respectively, you will be able to figure out how important it is to get off your duffs and vote. I’m especially urging (begging) people who will vote for the Democratic candidate because, if you are sulking because everything that the Bush Administration did to fuck up the economy, international policies, lose of our civil liberties, and created these huge budget deficits didn’t get fixed fast enough or powerfully enough and decide not to vote, things WILL GET FAR WORSE!!!! Also, this is for those of you who believe all of the Conservative Republican/Tea-Bagger rhetoric and lies. You have to actually WORK a little bit (but it’s not that hard) to find out the truth and see what’s really been going on for the last 22+ months and the real improvements for the working folk and the real obstructionism from the Conservative Republican/Tea-Bagger politicians in the House and Senate.

It’s easy to find the proof that the progressive Democrats have been trying their damnedest to help 98% of the American people and proof that the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers are helping big money interests and to hell with the rest of us. In campaign commercials, conservative talk radio, conservative blogs, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Post and Fox “News” (both owned by Rupert Murdock), lies and propaganda have been easily found and discredited, yet one of the most vulnerable sectors of our population and most reliable voters, namely senior citizens, are being bamboozled and convinced that voting for these Republican and Tea-Bagger candidates is going to help them. It will NOT! The Conservative Republican/Tea-Bagger candidates have done NOTHING for the average person (and especially senior citizens) and have done everything to help the people who line their own pockets and keep them in their jobs.

Okay, let’s be honest. Politics is a dirty business for all involved. Both sides are guilty of pandering to special interests and getting pork-barrel projects for their districts and states. There are some good conservatives and some bad progressives out there, but in the big picture, the one that affects the average American citizen, the Democrats are the ones who at least try to help the average person and the Republicans are the ones who hurt the average person.

The Republicans want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Veteran’s Benefits, eliminate the Pollution Control Agency, The Department of Education, Financial regulation, etc… The list goes on and on and it’s easy to research their agenda. You can find enough video and articles quoting their hideous agendas. It’s a horror show and it scares the hell out of me. They claim they want less government intrusion into our lives, yet they want to force THEIR agendas and regulations into our lives using government enforcement. That doesn’t seem like smaller government to me. The Conservative Republican/Tea-Bagger agendas, if they get control of the House and/or Senate, their “smaller government” will dictate every aspect of our lives. They want to dictate what we do in our bedrooms, force women and young girls to have babies even if the pregnancies are caused by rape or incest. They say God has his reasons for letting Grandpa rape his granddaughter and knocks her up. I’m not pro-abortion, I am pro-choice, btw, and I believe forcing a child to have her father’s or brother’s child is beyond reason. They want our schools to teach only Christian interpretations of evolution, law, morality, etc. (They have already gotten many textbooks changed to teach their point of view). Have you seen their museum with the saddles on dinosaurs? It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

Another thing that really pisses me off is how the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers are treating our President with absolutely no respect. When did this sort of behavior become acceptable? No matter who held the office, whether you liked the guy or not, whether he was a member of “your” party or not, the man and office was always treated with respect. When the president gave his speech at the beginning of the school year, we would always watch and listen to his words of encouragement and our responsibility to learn and work hard to do our best at school. For the last two years, the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers warned everybody that President Obama wasn’t “safe” for our children to listen to. What a load of crap! Such disrespect shown to our president should outrage us all! And what’s the deal with these Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers waving posters showing our President as a witch-doctor, Hitler, and worse. How racist and disrespectful is that? You can respectfully disagree with the President and/or his policies/party/whatever (I often have and do), but I certainly wouldn’t make degrading statements because of his race, religion, or anything similar type thing. It’s just heart-breaking to listen to the elected officials in Conservative Republican/Tea-Bagger party make such disparaging remarks, too. Just because they don’t agree with the “other side” doesn’t mean that they have to follow the corporate talking points handed to them by the big money people.

Whether they like it or not, the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers as well as the Democrats are supposed to be working for US. WE pay their salaries, taxes, pensions, and healthcare bills and they should pander to US, not the lobbyists, Wall Street bigwigs, and other special interests that buy their office positions and House and Senate votes. The only ones who seem to be bucking the lobbyists, Wall Street bigwigs, and other special interests (for the most part) are the Democrats. Almost every bill that has come before the senate has either been filibustered or amended to death by the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers. THAT’S why we normal folks don’t have better access to healthcare, why we don’t have better protections from predatory lenders and loan sharks (excuse me… I mean Banks), companies that kill their employees by forcing them to work in unsafe conditions, etc. The Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers have said and shown us time and time again that they vote for bills that help corporate shareholders and the wealthy and vote for bills that hurt the rest of us. If only the Democrats would stand together like a brick wall like the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers do, we would see more progress for ourselves and our children and our grandchildren. The wealthy don’t have to worry about the things we worry about. They don’t pay as much in taxes as the rest of us yet get the same, if not better, services. They can buy healthcare without needing insurance. They have enough money for retirement without Social Security. They don’t need Veteran’s Benefits because they can pay for medical treatments, housing, and higher education out of their pockets, unlike most of our service people who get paid a pittance for putting their lives on the line for US!

The Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers even want to repeal the half-assed healthcare bill (the one that’s better than nothing), too. Good old Mike Huckabee compared people with pre-existing conditions being allowed to buy health insurance as being the same as buying car insurance after your car was totaled or house insurance after your house burned down. That just shows us how out of touch with reality and compassionate these Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers are. People are denied health insurance caused by no fault of their own, like acne, a bad back, a childhood disease, etc. We finally have that protection now, and the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers want to take it away. Nice…

Well, I could go on and on again. All I’m asking you to do is really listen to what the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers are saying and what their plans are (repealing everything that helps the average American) and vote, especially for the Democratic candidate. The Democratic candidate might not be perfect (nobody is), but if the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers get control, you can say goodbye to minimum wage, Veteran’s benefits, Social Security, Medicare, Financial Safeguards and Regulation, Workplace Safety, Healthcare protections, etc. and say hello to creationism only education, rape /incest victims babies and mothers, more regulation in your bedroom, less services from fire departments, police departments, social service departments, etc. Remember, it’s YOU and ME who have the power to elect WHO works for us and by voting for the Democrats, at least we have proof that they will try to work for US no matter how hard the Conservative Republican/Tea-Baggers try to work against US.

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