Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caught on Tape

Decision Time Is Coming Soon To A Voting Booth Near You! << VOTE!!!!!>>

Apparently, there is at least one person who thinks I’m lying about everything in my last “Rant”, so for your viewing pleasure, here are some links to just a few videos on Youtube (I’ve got a clogged spinal column and am too hurt and tired to go to the hundreds of other sites so this is the best I could do until I get the bone removed) but you may go directly to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, C-Span, NPR, BBC, and thousands of "honest" blogs and find the same type of stuff, and more, online for yourselves. Most of these links are not the newest. A lot more current one are available out there and not hard to find. They are also more disturbing.

I have no hidden agenda for posting these video links, even though I wish I had time to add more before I have to go under the knife. The more current examples are much more frightening and/or disturbing. Some are not fit for viewing, in my mind. Some are put out there by sociopaths and psychopaths are unconscionable. Some of these people are also the actual politicians themselves, which is very disheartening. If these examples don't get the democrats out to vote, then they will get the government that they deserve. Anyway, like I said, here are some videos that aren't the newest for your viewing (dis) pleasure.

Tea Party Hate: A Month of Ignorance and Fear


Angle on Health Coverage For "Autism"

You're Spoiled, Drug-Taking Hobos & Animals, Who Shouldn't Breed

Pregnancy because of rape is "God's plan"

Meet Sharron Angle

Republicans Attack 12 Year Old Boy

Tea Partiers Mock Parkinson's Victim

Barney Frank Calls Out Mitch McConnell & Co For Lying About Financial Reform

Whose Side is Mitch McConnell Really On?

Fox News President Roger Ailes Caught Lying

Anderson Cooper 360°: Texas textbook changes

Texas school books decision

Fact Check- Boehner Lies on Stimulus Projects in Own District

Befuddled Teabaggers at Cleveland Tea Party

Unedited Tea Party Protester in Cleveland

Maddow Covers The 'Really Crazy' GOP MIT Tax Lie

Here are three videos from a Republican citizen from 2006 BEFORE the party got it’s agenda from Teabaggers (scary):

100 Examples of GOP Corruption, Lies, and Ignorance (Part 1)

100 Examples of GOP Corruption, Lies, and Ignorance (Part 2)

100 Examples of GOP Corruption, Lies, and Ignorance (Part 3)

Here’s a democrat lying, just to mix it up a little.

Abortion-HC Reform - Lies Exposed

Of course, there’s always Glen Beck.

Glenn Beck's Journalism Fraud!

This one has nothing to do with politics, but it’s so tragic… But since our education system has been run by Bush’s “no child left behind” but not funded by his administration, maybe this is what we should have expected.

Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES

Okay. I’m really sick of watching these videos… There are thousands more... Just Google it for yourselves. Plus, like I said, I've run out of time, but those of you who want to educate yourselves, there are plenty of reliable and honest sources out there to find and help make an informed decision.

The thought of the Conservative/Republican/Teabaggers getting rid of the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs, changing history and lying by omission in textbooks, shoving their brand of religion down everyone else's throats and tryong to change the constitution to include their beliefs, lying about almost everything (all caught on tape and unedited), their unabashed hypocrisy, etc. makes me ill and scares the hell out of me. I don't agree with the democrats and liberals on 100% of all the issues, BUT I cannot imagine what harm and damage that the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger caucus will do to our democracy. PLEASE educate yourselves and vote! The proof of the Conservative/Republican/Teabagger agenda is out there in their own voice. Find it and then vote for the democrat, even though they aren't perfect, and some are downright dishonest, too. The majority of the democrats are fighting for us, the little guys.

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