Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election 2010

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Well, I guess it's finally over... Almost. We have a recount or two to get finished because of the closeness in some races. What a wild ride it's been. For me, I have to say I am both relieved and depressed. Nothing I can do about the results of this election any longer, BUT I will refuse not to fight any way I can to keep the Teabagger/Conservative's, who have taken over our government, from repealing the gains we all have gotten for all people in the last 2 years. I sincerely hope that hose of us who voted and even those who didn't won't sit back and whine and mope but will keep fighting for our principles. We still need comprehensive health care, imigration reform, election reform, education reform, etc. Just because the Teabbager/Conservative's have the majority in the House and maybe the Senate (possibily after recounts), we can still fight for ourselves. Look at how the Teabagger/Conservative's stopped almost all forward process when they were in the minority? If they could do that, then we can, too. We need to stop them from repealing all of the progress that the Democrats somehow managed to get through regardless of the opposition and obstuction that came from the Teabagger/Conservative side of the aisle. Plus, we still have the Whitehouse and Obama's veto power. We need courage and conviction to get what we want. Nothing good will happen, especially now, without hard work and struggle from our side of the aisle and without the voter's support, a lot of the polititions on our side won't work for us. Some are good, honest people who want to do what they were elected to do, but a LOT are millionaires and billionaires already and some are there because they want power and that makes them use their votes in Congress to get re-elected and don't have a hell of a lot to do with our needs. The polititions already have all their needs met. They have iron-clad incomes, health care and retirement benefits for themselves and familes paid for by us. We don't have any of these parachutes. Now, the ones in the majority have all the money AND all the power. We need to make them give us the same opportunities that they have to get the same quality of life that they have given to themselves. Nobody said life was fair, but it could be fairer. If they enact all of the crap on their agenda (at least the one they campained on), 98% of us are totally screwed.

You know what I've found so disappointing is that the politcal "pundits" predicted this result months ago. I figured that they had to be wrong because the liberals/Democrats would never stay home from the polls and risk losing all the good things that have been passed in that last two years. I guess the Pollyanna in me screwed me again. I keep forgetting that people are lazy and don't give a shit. They care more about Nascar than their kids education or their healthcare coverage.

I want to thank everyone who exercised ther right to vote, whether you are Teabagger/Conservative, liberal, or anything in between. On the other hand, I'd like to kick everybody's ass who didn't vote. Looking at the numbers this morning, it's the registered democrats that "weren't excited" enough or too f-ing lazy to get out and vote and that could (most likely WOULD) have made all the difference. Well, I hope you got in enough time to go to your Halloween parties and watch your football games this last weekend. I'm sure those types of things are far more important to you than voting. I guess now you won't have time if you have to take on another job when you get paid less than minimum wage. On the other hand, maybe you'll have more time when your job is out-sourced to China or India. And you Seniors better work on your greeting skills for when you have to work at Wal-Mart after your Social Security is lost in the stock market. We can't forget that "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Iran" John McCain won his relection, too. Are you all ready to rumble in another war? These are the people you let get voted into office. Well, at least there are a lot of happy Teabbager/Conservatives and clueless non-participants today.

If I sound bitter, it's because I am. Not just because my "team" lost, but because the majority of people of this country don't participate in the most important "right" they have. The right to stand up for what they believe and VOTE. There is no excuse for not voting. Another thing that pisses me off is that the people who don't vote still whine and moan about what their representatives do or don't do and they have no right to complain about anything if they didn't participate in the election process. It takes "effort" and we are a lazy people. We work more hours and get less vacation time than any other industrialized country in the world, yet we don't stand up for ourselves. We let others tell us what to do in our bedrooms, workplaces, schools, doctor's offices, etc. Now, for all the people who whined about government being too much in our lives, it will just get worse IF the Teabagger/Conservative agenda is enacted. The 2% of the American population are the people who have most of the money and now have almost all of the power. This election has given those same people more even more power over us. It's just that simple. We have given that power to them on a silver platter by not voting.

These people have always been against the 98% of us that work hard and barely get by. That's they way they want us; trapped in shitty jobs (if we haven't been out-sourced), trapped by keeping us from being able to afford healthcare, not supporting our veterans when they get injured or killed, etc. By getting rid of regulations, our workplaces will more dangerous, our environment will be sacrificed more, our foodand water supply will be less safe, our drugs will be more hazardous than the diseases we are treating, our senior citizens will be less safe in nursing homes and hospitals. We NEED some regulations to protect us from those 2% of the population that own all of the industry in this country. If they get thier way, they will have us working in unsafe places, eating unsafe food and drugs, and working until we die. At least that will be the result if they get their published and promised campain agendas passed into laws.

I wish us ALL good luck. Except for the top 2%, we will ALL be at the mercy of the new agenda, everybody from the bottom 98%, whether you are a Teabagger/Conservative, a rabid Progress, in between. We made our choice, so I guess we are stuck with it.

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  1. Good for you. People need to hear these things. Too bad I am a senior ciyizen and will probqably get my SS but I do feel sorry for those younger people who (since we allowed it by not voting) will have to work until they are 0 and get much ess jmoney since these idiots will have privatized our
    ss. Handleing it will be the same people who brought us the worst depression since The "Great One".